It is almost 50 years since we had available a book devoted to our professional responsibilities and interests – being the venerable The Land Surveyor and the Law by Simpson and Sweeney. This new volume places those responsibilities and interests as they now are in the twenty-first century, indeed goes further by anticipating the role that our profession will and should expect to play in the next decade and beyond.

The principles of cadastral practice are fully explored and explained; the law pertaining to rights in land above and below the topographic surface, in our territorial waters and the seabed below is analysed. In this text will be found the future of land surveying and geomatics practice,

The list of the 16 Chapter headings, stated below, provide a short insight into the reach of the text. It is from these that the value of this new, and in some ways, unique professional text may be judged.

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Content:   860 pages comprising 16 Chapters with Appendix and Glossary


  1. Introduction
  2. Cadastral development in ancient times
  3. Land tenure in the South African colonies and independent republics
  4. Development of the South African cadastre and the role of the land surveyor during the colonial period
  5. Profession and professionalism
  6. The fundamentals of land law for the professional land surveyor
  7. Land tenure and rights in land
  8. Land administration
  9. Land policy and land reform
  10. The cadastral survey
  11. Curvilinear boundaries
  12. Property in the coastal zone
  13. The high-water mark curvilinear boundary and related issues
  14. Sub-surface - mineral and petroleum resources rights
  15. Seaward of the coast - sovereignty, offshore zones, rights and boundaries
  16. Case law dealing with rights and boundaries