SAGI is a Public Benefit Organisation focusing on the business aspects of registered experts in the fields of Land Surveying, Engineering Surveying, GISc, Planning, Land Management, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing – commonly now termed Geomatics.

SAGI members are experts in the fields of land surveying, engineering surveying, planning, photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographical information system (GIS) and land management.

All SAGI members meet strict criteria before membership is granted. Members deal in a wide sector of industries involving matters in Property, Engineering, Construction, Consulting, Water, Space, Mining, Aerial and GIS. SAGI has a code of Conduct for members and in addition, all SAGI members are statutorily registered with the South African Geomatics Council. We recommend that the Public, Government and other professionals always protect themselves and employ the services of a registered practitioner.

General Public Advisory Notice : Registered-vs-Unregistered Surveyors

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